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6-unit Purple Martin Gourd Rack Bundle
Expandable 6 Unit gourd Rack shown with SuperGourds

6-unit Purple Martin Gourd Rack Bundle

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The Deluxe 6 Gourd Rack is upgradeable in he future, with a simple to add on kit. Here you can pair it with your favorite purple martin gourd.
Part Number: DGR6H
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Deluxe 6 Upgradeable Gourd Rack: Bundles include your choice of gourds

This expandable, 6-arm gourd rack system comes with a hub designed to accept 6 additional arms on a lower tier in the future should your desire or conditions warrant it.

The 2-inch-square pole is 14 feet high when installed and is made of high-tensile-strength aluminum. 

The hub raises and lowers without turning while doing nest checks and slides silently up and down due to nylon glide buttons on the inside.

The six 3/8" round aluminum horizontal gourd arms can lift off the hub for easy nest checking, or pull the hitch pins to easily remove the gourds.

Includes 45 feet of long-lasting, polyester rope. Rack ships with a two-piece, 14-foot pole, heavy-duty ground stake, top perch rods, 6 aluminum horizontal gourd arms (for gourds drilled front to back), hitch pins, rope winder, and a hub with attached rope, eyebolt, and pulley. Comes with 6 gourds of your choice. Easy assembly.

In the drop-down menu above and to the right you have a choice of four different gourd rack system configurations:

1. Rack plus 6 SuperGourds with round holes, no porches

2. Rack plus 6 SuperGourds with crescent holes, plus 6 porch sets

2. Rack plus 6 Troyer Vertical Gourds

4. Rack plus 6 Troyer Horizontal Gourds

Upgrade Kit

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