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Convert-A-Rack (For AAA & Round Rack)
Parts for the Convert-A-Rack

Convert-A-Rack (For AAA & Round Rack)

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Winch (sold separately) Convert-A Rack swaps the original rope and pulley to a cable with winch system. Conversion should be done before martins arrive or after they leave.
Part Number: CAR
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Convert a AAA or Round Rack from Rope and Pulley to Cable

  • 3/16" cable
  • 12-inch Extension Piece with pulley slot
  • Pulley
  • stop pin
  • winch brackets
We offer the Convert-A-Rack with no winch.  
Need a winch? Choose from a Brake Winch + $69.95 or Worm Gear Winch + $79.95

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