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EZ-Off Pole Guard for 3

EZ-Off Pole Guard for 3" Square Poles

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EZ OFF Pole Guard (Climbing Animal Barrier) for 3” Square Poles (EZ3):

Because they are mounted higher than other guards, the EZ OFF pole guards are hinged and designed to be easily removed prior to lowering your gourd rack for a nest check.

Made from aluminum and stainless steel the tube is 24" long with a 9-3/4" diameter.  The top plate has "snake sniffer" holes.  The snake climbing the pole enters the inside of the tube and becomes confused.

There are two EZ3 Mounting Bracket Choices

EZ3-P: Mounts using your safety pin which was included with all 3-inch square Super System 24, And Gemini Gourd Racks.

EZ3-B: Mounts using a custom bracket that you place on your 3-inch square pole.  We recommend this style if you live in windy areas.

Will only fit the 3-inch-square Super System 24 and Gemini gourd rack pole we offer

Will prevent snakes, raccoons, cats, squirrels, and opossums from climbing your 3”-square pole and predating your martins.

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