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Gourd racks are warranted against defects in workmanship. 

When a severe storm is forecasted in your area ALWAYS lower your gourd rack a minimum of 2-feet.  By doing this you are taking the stress off of the pole.   Lower your racks as early in the day as possible, never before a storm is about to hit, as that will cause the martins to flush from their cavities.  Lowering your gourd racks will NOT cause martins to abandon your site, they will accept the lowered hub section quickly.  Raise the rack after the storm has passed during the day hours.

When installing your gourd rack poor soil conditions warrant a larger hole and more concrete. Always ere on the side of caution, especially if you live in areas where severe storms are prevalent.

Rope, cable and glide buttons can wear over time and may at some time in the future need to be replaced.  This should be done before or after your martins return or leave.

At the end of every season, you should remove your gourds, clean them, and store them in an outdoor shed.  If at all possible storing your gourd rack out of the elements will extend the life of your rope.  Gourd arm on the Deluxe 6 and 12 should also be removed from the hub and store them with your gourds. Fully seat the hitch pin in the gourd arm-hole and that will keep them from being accidentally lost.