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Ground Sleeves for Gourd Racks
Ground Sleeve Installed

Ground Sleeves for Gourd Racks

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Ground Sleeve for 2" and 3" Gourd Racks

The Ground Sleeve is an OPTIONAL accessory that is used in conjunction with your aluminum ground stake that is included with your gourd rack purchase.

Landlords install the Ground Sleeve into the ground, installation is flush with the ground.  You then slip your aluminum Ground Stake inside the Ground Sleeve, then slip your pole over the Ground Stake.

At the end of the season, you can remove your gourd rack pole, and then remove the Ground Stake.

When you remove the Ground Stake install the provided Plastic Cap which will keep water from entering the Ground Sleeve during the off-season.

Sleeves are 30-inches long and made from aluminum.  Includes a pin and two plastic caps.  Instructions included.

Compatible with ALL gourd racks sold here.  When you purchase our gourd racks (sold separately) they include a Heavy-duty Aluminum Ground Stake.

The Ground Sleeve 2-inch is compatible with DGR6, 8-Unit, DGR12, AAA16. 

The Ground Sleeve 3-inch is compatible with Super System 24 and Gemini.


Additional Ground Stake 2-inch
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Additional Ground Stake 3-inch
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