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K-Series: 24 Unit Gourd Rack Bundle
K-Series: 24 Unit Gourd Rack shown with 24 Troyer Horizontal Gourds

K-Series: 24 Unit Gourd Rack Bundle

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Includes a complete K-Series 24-unit gourd rack plus 24 gourds of your choice.

The K-Series 24 features a 16-foot tall, three-inch-square, high-tensile aluminum pole. 

The aluminum hub brackets have glide buttons installed to make raising and lowering practically effortless by use of the included winch.

The K-Series is a four-tierd gourd rack.  Each tier can hold 6 gourds of any brand. You can easily attach gourds with the 24 included Horizontal Stainless Steel Gourd Arms.  SuperGourds will need to be drilled front to back using the handy dimple guide on the upper-neck of the gourd using a 13/32" drill bit.

The K-Series 24 rack includes a 2-piece, 16-foot pole, aluminum ground stake, two solid-aluminum 72" top perch rods, ball top, stop pin, safety bolt, 34 feet of 3/16" stainless metal cable, a hub, 24 stainless steel gourd arms,  and a brake winch. Assembly required.

In the drop-down menu above and to the right you have a choice of four different gourd rack system configurations:

1. Rack plus 24 SuperGourds with round holes

2. Rack plus 24 SuperGourds with crescent holes, plus 24 porch sets

3. Rack plus 24 Troyer Vertical Gourds

4. Rack plus 24 Troyer Horizontal Gourds

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