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No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap
No Escape Trap with captured House Sparrow

No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap

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No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap (NEST)

Place in barns, near sheds, under bushes, and bait with cracked corn. 
This trap is highly effective during the winter months when sparrows are looking for food. 
Captures birds unharmed.  Monitor your traps carefully!
  • Overall dimensions 12”x12”x24” 
  • Constructed of 1/2” x 1” heavy gauge powder coated wire with all metal construction. 
  • All edges are ground smooth and covered with edge guard. 
  • The trap is self-priming, no decoys required but are helpful in attracting other birds. 
  • The trap is equipped with a carry handle and two doors for easy cleaning. 
  • No moving parts to hang up! 
  • Excellent trap for House Sparrows.

Trapping Tips!
When using bait traps use sparrow's favorite food like cracked corn and white millet.  Its like candy for the House Sparrow.  Set the trap in the barn or shed or under bushes. Also, always leave a few live sparrows in the trap to act as bait.  Provide them with a small dish of water.  Catching 100 plus sparrows in a year is not uncommon.

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