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Articles and Reprints by James R. Hill, III
You Tube Videos of Purple Martins
Purple Martin information to download YouTube videos about Purple Martins
Starling Attack in a Purple Martin Gourd
Video shot inside a SuperGourd of a European Starling attacking nestling Purple Martins. This is a Round-holed SuperGourd without a Starling-resistant, crescent entrance hole.

European Starling Being Trapped in a SuperGourd by a SG-TRAP
A European Starling being trapped alive in a Round-holed SuperGourd by one of the optional SG-TRAPs available from Bird Abodes’ web store.

TV Celebrity, Phil Donahue's, SuperGourd
Colony Site

Television commentator, Phil Donahue (aka "Gazebo Phil") is a huge fan of SuperGourds. In this video, we can see his 24-unit SuperGourd rack at season's end. Notice the web cam in the modified cap of one of his SuperGourds.

David Attenborough's "Life of Birds"
Purple Martin Story

Ornithologist and SuperGourd inventor, James R. Hill, III, hosts Sir David Attenborough at several of the Purple Martin Conservation Association's study sites in northwest Pennsylvania as part of David's historic series, "Life of Birds." At the time, Hill was Executive Director of the Purple Martin Conservation Association.

Purple Martin Landlord, Timothy Lee Skelton, Using a Slingshot to Feed His Hungry Martins
Birmingham, Alabama Purple Martin Landlord, Timothy Skelton, shows how he feeds his weather-stressed Purple Martins live crickets using a slingshot to get the insects airborne.

Managing Purple Martins
The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department shows how to attract Purple Martins and introduces a spectacular end-of-season martin roost.

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