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Super System 24 Rack
Super System 24 Vertical Option SuperGourds sold seperately.

Super System 24 Rack

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Super System 24 Rack (without gourds) (SS24H and SS24V):

This rack features an extremely substantial 3-inch-square, high-tensile strength aluminum, two-piece pole that is 16 feet tall above the ground when installed.

The gourd hub and arms accommodate 24 gourds that raise and lower easily with a system of pulleys, metal cable, and a brake winch.

Order the SS24H for all Troyer gourds, SuperGourds drilled front-to-back, and any other brand of plastic (or natural) gourd drilled front-to-back. Order SS24V for SuperGourds drilled side-to-side, or any other brand of plastic (or natural) gourd drilled side-to-side. SuperGourds now come with drill-guide dimples for front-to-back drilling. Older SuperGourds are easily drilled front to back with a 13/32” drill bit.

This 16-foot-tall system holds 24 gourds and is the Cadillac of all gourd racks.

The rack also features an all-aluminum hub with nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation; eight, 1-1/2” x 50” long aluminum angle arms with gourd-hanging holes 16” on center, 3 sets per arm. The cross-bar design makes nest-checking quick and easy.

This rack comes with 24 Gourd Mounting Arms (GMAs), with 24 hitch pins in your choice of either Vertical or Horizontal.

This system also comes with two, 72” top solid aluminum perch rods; a heavy-duty 48”-long aluminum ground stake; and all the hardware necessary for assembly (3 bags of concrete mix not included).

This rack will accommodate any gourd on the market. Comes with complete assembly and installation instructions.

An optional pole guard (EZ3) that fits this square pole is available.

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