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Upgrade Kit for DGR 6 up to 12
Upgrade DGR6 to a 12. Horizontal Parts shown.

Upgrade Kit for DGR 6 up to 12

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You can expand your Deluxe 6 Gourd Rack to accommodate 12 gourds with this simple to add on upgrade kit. No need to remove hub from pole!
Part Number: DGR6UP12
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Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Expandable DGR 6 Rack to a DGR-12. Everything you need to take your Expandable  DGR 6 Rack and upgrade it to a 12-unit Deluxe Gourd Rack.

Kit includes a hub bracket, hardware, 6 aluminum horizontal or vertical gourd arms, and instructions.

The kit can be added while the hub from your expandable 6-unit rack is still on the pole.

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