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Vertical Gourd Mounting Arms
GMA Verticals shown with optional SuperGourds

Vertical Gourd Mounting Arms

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Gourd Mounting Arms are handy pins that will mount the gourd to angle arms or rings found on the Super Systems, Gemini and Round Rack. You can also mount the arms to beams in garage ceiling and suspend your gourds during the off-season. Add-on at any time, brilliant idea!
Part Number: GMAV
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Gourd Mounting Arms: GMAV

All of the gourd racks and rack systems (Gemini, and Super System 24) we sell on this website already include the appropriate number of Gourd Mounting Arms (GMAs), but in the future, you may want to offer your martins a mixture of gourds types from several different manufacturers.

Choose part #GMAVS for hanging SuperGourds, Excluder Gourds, and side-to-side drilled natural gourds on an INNER arm position and on the rings of the Gemini.  The gourds entrance hole is directly below the gourd hanging arm.

Choose part #GMAV90 for hanging SuperGourds, Excluder Gourds, and side-to-side drilled natural gourds on an OUTERMOST arm position.  The gourds entrance hole faces out and away from the pole.  Not compatible with the Gemini.

Each 3/8" solid aluminum gourd mounting arm comes with a stainless steel whiz-lock nut, bolt, and hitch pin.

Accommodates any gourd with a neck up to 3" in diameter at the drill hole. Mix and match.

Not compatible with the 4-Unit, DGR6, and DGR12

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