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Purple Martins feasting at their Bed & Breakfast
Purple Martins feasting at their Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

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Once your martins accept supplemental food a Bed & Breakfast makes a convenient feeding platform.
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Bed & Breakfast (BB)

Teach your martins to accept supplemental food. 

Martins love scrambled eggs as well as crickets and mealworms. 

You can also place mud and pine needles in the trays. 

The Bed & Breakfast is constructed using schedule 40 aluminum pipe. 

It has a 3-piece pole and stands 10 feet above the ground.  Includes a 24" PVC ground sleeve.  

There are 4 trays, each measuring 9" x 9" x 1-½" tall. Trays raise and lower on a hub attached to the rope with pulleys.  Trays are removable for easy cleaning.

Includes solid aluminum top perch rods and rope winder. 

Assembly required.

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