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TaDa!  Dancing Scare Crow.
TaDa! Dancing Scare Crow.

Dancing Scare Crow

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Dancing Scarecrow works to keep owls away
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Dancing Scare Crow (#DSC)

  • Dancing Scare Crow works to keep owls away. 
  • Tested during the 2015 summer, owl predation stopped while the Dancing Scare Crow was in use. 
  • Easy to move around.  Big enough to scare owls. 
  • A small air compressor puts air in plastic to create motion. 
  • Operates off 110 electric. 
  • Weather resistant motor to work rain or shine. 
  • We encourage to run dusk to dawn while you have baby Purple Martins on your property. 
  • Six feet tall. 
  • Color, yellow.

I personally have used one and it has eliminated my owl problem ~ Diane

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