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EZ-Off and its hanging bracket
EZ-Off and its hanging bracket

EZ-Off (Bracket Version) Pole Guard for 3" Square Poles

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EZ-Off predator pole guards are designed to be removable. This is important because the higher you can place a predator guard the more effective it will be. There is a custom bracket that holds the guard in place, and once the EZ-Off has been removed, loosen a few wing nuts and lower the bracket. You can than lower your hub section to a comfortable viewing area.
Part Number: EZ3B
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EZ3 Bracket Version Predator Pole Guard for 3" square poles (EZ3-B)

What you need to know about Pole Guards:  This Pole Guard has a large diameter tube.  This EZ OFF hangs from the provided bracket.  The pole guard is removable, simply open the guard, unlock the keyhole at the bottom, pull the safety pin then set it aside.  This EZ OFF is ideal for windy areas.

  • Now with snake sniffer holes!
  • Made from aluminum and stainless steel
  • 9-3/4" diameter tube
  • 24" long
  • Use with rope or wire cable and winch
  • Removable
  • Easy on and off
  • Smooth surface
  • Rust proof
  • Aluminum hinge
  • Allows you to remove guard to lower your gourd rack or martin house to eye-level for nest checks
  • Ideal for windy areas

Will only fit the 3-inch-square Super Systems and Gemini & K-series gourd rack pole we offer.

Will help to prevent snakes, raccoons, cats, squirrels, and opossums from climbing your 3”-square pole and predating your martins.

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