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Gemini 24 Kit Parts
Gemini 24 Kit Parts

Gemini Kit

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Your Price: $275.00
Kit for your own 3-inch square pole. Kits are ideal if you already have your own pole, or want to change, as an example, a T-14 martin house to a gourd rack.
Part Number: G24Kit
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This Gemini Gourd Rack Kit is designed for 3" square poles (OD)

Kit Includes:
  • Gemini Hub
  • Two Complete Ring Sections
  • Support Beams
  • Hardware for assembly of hub section
  • 24 Horizontal 90 Gourd Mounting Arms

Landlord is supplying their own pole and ground stake, cable, cable guide, ball top, top perches, eyebolt, winch, winch brackets, pulley.

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