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K-18 Gourd Rack Kit, Horizontal Arm
K-18 Gourd Rack Kit, Horizontal Arm

K-Series 18 or 24 Gourd Rack Kit

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Kit for your own 3-inch square pole. Kits are ideal if you already have your own pole, or want to change, as an example, a T-14 martin house to a gourd rack.
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This K-Series 18 or 24 Unit Gourd Rack Kit is designed for 3" square poles (OD) (#K18HKit, K24HKit)

What you need to know about kits:  The premise of a kit is that you already have, as an example, a "HD multi-purpose pole set-up".  You would rather have gourds.  So you will be reusing all the pole components, including the ground stake, the pole, pole cap, top perch rods, the cable, winch, winch mounting brackets, cable guide, upper pulley and safety pin.  You are swapping out the carriage section, that is in our example, the HD multi-purpose hub, for the kit of your choice.  Makes sense, right?  If not please contact us before purchase to make sure your kit will work for you.  This kit is compatible to 3" square OD pole.

Kit Includes:
  • K-Series Hub
  • Choose from the 18 or 24 model
  • Stainless Steel Gourds Arms
  • Horizontal Gourd Arms
  • Stainless Hitch Pins to secure gourds on to the gourd arms

Landlord is supplying their own pole and ground stake, cable, cable guide, ball top, top perches, eyebolt, upper pulley, winch, winch brackets.

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