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S&S Eliminator Trap
S&S Eliminator Trap

S&S Eliminator Trap

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During the nesting seasons Starlings and Sparrows seek out nesting boxes. Features an all metal trapping mechanism and hand-access port. Very effective!
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S&S Eliminator Trap (TET)

This is a Nest Box Trap. 
Nest Box traps are highly effective during the nesting cycles of European Starlings and English House Sparrows. 
Captures birds unharmed.
Monitor your traps carefully!

  • A great trap to catch unwanted House Sparrows and European Starlings. 
  • The Eliminator is constructed using cedar wood, with a green Poly-Tuff roof and access port. 
  • Poly-Tuff will last for years and years. 
  • Attach the trap on to trees, sides of buildings, garages, etc. 
  • A must for martin and bluebird enthusiasts ~ looking to reduce numbers of unwanted Starlings and House Sparrows. 
  • Trap opens from the front to set the all-metal trap mechanism. 
  • Highly visible powder coated shutter door will alert you.  
  • Loosen the wing nut on the access port and swing it open, giving your hand access to catch the bird unharmed.  
  • Overall dimensions 12-½" x 9-¾" x 16" tall. 
Made in the USA. 

This trap works best in the nesting season when starlings and sparrows are looking for places to nest.

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