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Super-Deluxe Humane Repeating Bait Trap

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Captures sparrows with the aid of bait, such as cracked corn or millet. Set trap in a barn or shed or under bushes. Catching 100 plus sparrows in a year is not uncommon.
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Troyer's Super-Deluxe Repeating Bait Trap (#RBT)

Welcome to the next generation of Repeating Bait Traps!  
Our brand new, exclusive, RBT features many unique improvements over the old-fashioned RBT's.

  • Tripping mechanism is place above the the trap for easy viewing of bait. 
  • Includes an aluminum bait tray but if you don't want to use it, you can place the bait directly onto the wood.
  • We placed a wire cover over the teeter-totter so if a sparrow lands on it it will not lower.
  • Calibrated teeter-totter for House Sparrows.
  • Large wooden landing porch next to the teeter-totter
  • Clear Lexan door.
  • On the interior of the trap the Lexan door has a guard around it to stop the sparrow from lifting it.
  • Once captured the House Sparrow has a built-in holding box.
  • The holding box has proved to relieve stress on the House Sparrows while they are captured.
  • Relieving the stress of the House Sparrow can lead to longer life of decoy birds.  
  • For best results place food inside the holding box.
  • Includes an aluminum shutter door to block the sparrows into the holding cage.
  • There are two access areas to the trapped birds, one in the trapping side and one in the holding box side.
  • You have complete access to to the covered teeter-totter area.
  • Made using decking wood, it will not rot and is water resistant for three years.
  • Carrying handle attached to the top of the cage.
  • Dimensions 25" x 16" x 6" (does not include the teeter-totter cage).
  • Minor assembly of porch and teeter-totter cover.

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