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SGIT shown with Optional SuperGourd
SGIT shown with Optional SuperGourd

SuperGourd Insert Trap

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The SuperGourd Insert Trap installs thru the gourds access cap. Snaps into place. Ideal for Round-holed SuperGourds. Extremely effective especially with starlings.
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SuperGourd Insert Trap (SGIT):

This metal insert trap is specifically designed for use in both 2-1/8” round-holed and 1-3/16” crescent-holed SuperGourds without porches.

It will not fit in any other brand of plastic or natural gourd.

It is highly effective at capturing any House Sparrow or European Starling that may start to build a nest in a SuperGourd.

It features an easy snap-in, snap-out installation that does not require tools and will not damage the gourd.

It has a high-visibility, powder-coated shutter so you can tell from a distance if the trap is sprung.

It is extremely well made with an aluminum body and zinc-plated hardware. It uses nonbreakable nylon mounting clips (extras included) and comes fully assembled with mounting and operating instructions.

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