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Poly-wood T-14 Conley II Entrance
Poly-wood T-14 Conley II Entrance

T-14 Poly-wood House Bundle

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T-14 Poly-wood bundle includes the pole, mounting kit and the poly-wood T-14
Part Number: T14PB
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T14 Bundle: Poly-Wood T-14 House, Pole, Mounting Kit (#T14PB)


T-14 Pole: 
16-foot x 3-inch square pole, with heavy duty ground stake, two, solid aluminum 3/8" x 72-inch long top perch rods and ball top

The T-14 Mounting Kit:
Includes the slider blocks, brake winch with winch brackets, 3/16" x 34-foot stainless cable, house bracket, lock with chain, tarpaulin hook safety pin, pulley with bolt and various hardware pieces

The Poly T-14 House with White Poly Roof and Conley II entrances.  
Poly wood houses are fade-resistant.  Give them a good scrub at the end of the season to keep your houses looking new.

Complete Instructions for assembly provided!

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