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TTCC Troyer Tunnel Conley II with Collar
TTCC Troyer Tunnel Conley II with Collar

Troyer Tunnels With Collar

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Troyer Tunnel with Collar (#TTCC, TTRC)


  • To use the Troyer Collar drill a three-inch hole into any type of martin house; wood, vinyl, aluminum with a flat surface. 
  • Screw or rivet into place (screws and rivets not provided). 
  • There are 8 screw holes per collar
  • The Tunnels are UV protected, made from polyethylene. 
  • The Conley II  Troyer Tunnel features a wing entrapment guard and wide porches with terrific traction. 
  • Troyer Tunnels have reinforcements under the porch and each tunnel has a traction tread installed. 
  • Trap compatible.  Available in the starling-resistant Conley II Entrance or Round Hole.
  • Shipped with the tunnel assembled on to the collar

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