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Upgrade DGR6 to a 12.  Horizontal Parts shown.
Upgrade DGR6 to a 12. Horizontal Parts shown.

Upgrade Kit for DGR 6 up to 12

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You can expand your Deluxe 6 Gourd Rack to accommodate 12 gourds with this simple to add on upgrade kit. No need to remove hub from pole!
Part Number: DGR6UP12
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This Kit will expand your Deluxe Six Upgrade and make it a DGR12 (#DGR6up12)

This Kit will expand your Troyer's Deluxe 6 Gourd Rack up to a Troyer's Deluxe 12.
Features: Aluminum Gourd Arms.

What you need to know:  Expanding your 6 unit to an 12 unit gourd rack is not difficult.  You will NOT need to remove the pole from the ground stake.  This kit includes the Aluminum Gourd Arms found with the Deluxe 6.  You have a choice from either the Horizontal-style Gourd Arms, used for the Troyer Vertical and Troyer Horizontal, or the Vertical-style Gourd Arms used for SuperGourds and Excluder Gourds.  Never do this conversion once martins have begun nesting.

DGR 6 up 12 Includes:
  • One set of hub brackets
  • Horizontal Aluminum gourd arms OR
  • Vertical Aluminum gourd arms
  • 6 stainless hitch pins
  • hardware
  • instructions.
The kit can be added while the hub from your expandable 6-unit rack is still on the pole.

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